When was the last time you took a close look at your home’s foundation? If you find yourself racking your brain trying to determine whether it was last spring, or two summers ago, it’s definitely been too long. From simple tasks to time-consuming projects, homeowners often don’t have the time—or the space on their to-do list—to add yet another item. However, when it comes to your home’s foundation, there’s no time like the present.Homes Foundation- DIY tips from your Charlotte Realtor

A pro-active approach to caring for your home’s foundation is not only economical, it can also save you a lot of money—and headaches—down the road.

1. Check the drainage around your home by ensuring that gutters and spouts drain away from the foundation.

2. While plumbing leaks under the house foundation are not uncommon, homeowners can have a plumbing pressure test done to make sure there are no leaks under the slab.
3. The ground moisture around the home’s perimeter should remain as constant as possible. Periodic use of a sprinkler system and soaker hoses in the summer time is recommended, but can also be done in the winter if the weather is dry.

If you’re pressed for time, contact a reputable foundation repair company to have an inspection conducted inside and outside the house. Most of the solutions are affordable and extremely important to the well-being of the structure.

Source: www.premierfoundationrepair.com