Everything You Could Need Extra Money For (And Why Saving Is So Important)  | FinanceBuzz

For many Americans, money is tight these days, so it makes no sense to spend it on things that deliver little or no added value. Money experts point to seven products or features you should probably stop spending money on. 

1. Brand-Name Pharmaceuticals – Generics approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have the same quality, strength, purity and stability as their brand-name equivalents. Why pay more for the brand name product?

2. Lottery Tickets – Statistics say you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning or dying from a shark attack than you have of winning the lottery. Use that five or ten bucks a week to pay down credit card debt, open a high-yield savings account or invest with a fund that lets you start with just a little money.

3. High-Octane Gas – Unless the user manual says otherwise, your car is not calibrated to reap any benefit from more expensive fuel, even if you drive a fancy car. So check your manual and save some money at the pump.

4. Cable TV – Even the most expensive streaming packages cost less than the average cable bill of $200 per month or more. Do your homework to learn the best ways to switch and save 

5. ATM Fees – There is no value to using an ATM that charges you for spitting out a few of your hard-earned bucks. Carry more cash or stick to your bank’s fee-free ATM network.

6. Cookbooks – Many people enjoy collecting them, but if you are a home cook looking for recipes, you can find a wealth of them online—for free.

7. E-books – A world of e-books are available at your library, which you pay tax dollars to support. Before you pay for an e-book, check the library catalog. If the book isn’t there, they can probably get it from a participating network of libraries.