Francine Dupont 

Like an attic or home office, laundry rooms have high re-purposing potential. Make over your laundry room into a multi-functional space with these transformative tips!

Size Up Small Spaces
: Your laundry room doesn’t have to be large to be re-purposed. If your room is near an entry point, set aside wall space for an impromptu coat room with hooks for hats, backpacks or pet leashes. 

Max Out Storage
: For larger areas, consider purchasing freestanding storage units that double as cabinetry. If counter space is available, arrange a set of baskets below and assign each family member their own clutter catch-all to prevent disorganization.

Make Life Easier
: If space permits, create your own folding station by extending an existing shelf or adding a bistro-sized table. The area can also serve as space for seasonal projects like potting plants or wrapping gifts.

Think Outside the Box
: Free up space in main living areas by assessing your home for projects or items that can be housed in the laundry room. For example, you might store art supplies and a craft table or create an outdoor supply rack for sports equipment or landscaping tools.