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Did you ever dream of making it into the Guinness Book of World Records? Each year, the Guinness Book of World Records Day offers anyone and everyone 24 hours to break a record and become part of the Guinness annals of history. Here are the details.

Whether it’s breaking the record for the “Largest Number of ABBA Impersonators,” or “Most People in a Single Pair of Pants,” the Guinness Book of World Records Day is a time to band together to achieve history. The event has been celebrated for more than 7 years, with nearly 300,000 people participating last year alone.

According to the event creators, “This Guinness World Records ‘holiday’ has become a permanent fixture on thrill seekers’ calendars and we’re seeing the demand for our adjudicators to judge records increase on this day each year.” 

The Guiness folks stress that participating in the annual event doesn’t require special skill, just a desire to get involved and have some fun. With so many record-breaking attempts taking place worldwide on this day, you won’t have to look far to catch the excitement and spirit of the day. You can learn more about the event and also apply to set a record right on the book’s website,