Why you need to clean up your computer right now | Kaspersky official blog

Is your desktop a hodgepodge of disorganized files? Need more room on your hard drive? Having too many files not only makes documents harder to find, but can slow down your computer’s processing speed and sap precious battery power from laptops. Control the clutter with these four tips.

1. UPDATE – Windows and OSX users both need to update regularly. Most software patches address security issues, and consistent reboots add RAM back to your hard drive.

2. DELETE – If you haven’t used a program in a while, remove it completely. Be selective when installing new programs; many come with pre-checked options that install extras (like toolbars) you won’t ever use. Go through photo albums and get rid of any images that aren’t album-worthy.

3. CLEAN UP – If you can no longer see your desktop’s wallpaper, it may be time for an icon overhaul. Remember that they’re designed for easy access – so move ones that you don’t click often into folders stored elsewhere. Less desktop clutter will not only save valuable cyber space, but create less chaos in your work space.

4. CATEGORIZE – Group similar apps in folders and keep documents organized by how you retain information – some may remember things more easily by date, while others need to label things by subject matter.

Stick to these upkeep tips to ensure your files will remain organized and your computer will operate properly.

Source: Consumer Reports