Gratitude- Turn Gratitude into Action

This season of the year is full of talk about gratitude and thankfulness. It’s important to spend some time reflecting on everything you have to be thankful for in your life. But don’t just let this season be about gratitude. Turn your gratitude into action. Here are five ideas for paying it forward this season:


  1. Mail cards: Many people are expecting cards this season. Write on the cards why you are specifically thankful for them. This helps spread the holiday cheer.Gratitude- Tips from your Charlotte Realtor- Dupont Real Estate
  2. Anonymous tasks: Rake leaves for your neighbor when they are not at home; donate anonymously to a charity- practice selflessness without expecting a return.
  3. Keep teachers in mind: Teachers struggle year round to have enough supplies and volunteers in the classroom. Ask a teacher what you can do to help him or her in the classroom or positively impact a student’s life.
  4. Thank those who fly under the radar: Customer service can be a thankless job. Increase your tips to servers, bake cookies for your handyman, or take coffee to a nurse.
  5. Prioritize quality time: Show people in your closest circles that you care about spending quality time with them, even during this busy season. Be the person who makes time for them during this busy season.

Gratitude- tips from your Charlotte Realtor here at Dupont Real Estate. We hope you will contact us when you are ready to buy or sell a house.