Healthy Hot Beverages to Warm You Up This Winter – SheKnows

If you are looking to lower your caffeine, or simply minimize your coffee intake, there are thankfully some delicious warming options. Break your coffee addiction little-by-little by replacing your morning brew with one of these tasty hot drink options.

Chai Tea:
This cafe favorite may seem fancy and complicated, but with a little hot water, the right tea packet and a milk of your choice, you can make this surprisingly simple drink. With warming spices and a creamy taste from the milk, you will wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner. Sweeten it with sugar, maple syrup or stevia for a flavor boost.

Vegan Golden Milk:

Golden milk is a traditionally Indian drink made from hot milk and ground turmeric, but it has been gaining popularity for its flavor and its health benefits. The golden-hued turmeric for which the drink is named, offers a host of benefits including anti-inflammatory properties. Any type of milk can be used, but for a creamy flavor try canned coconut milk, a dash of fresh cinnamon, a teaspoon or two of ground turmeric and maple syrup to taste. Whisk it all together in a saucepan and gently heat it up. You’ll love the flavor and the health benefits of this drink on a cold afternoon.

Hot Cocoa:
If you are looking for something a little less caffeinated than your typical mocha, but you are still craving that creamy chocolate flavor, cut out the middleman and make your own decadent hot cocoa from scratch. Far better than the watery packets from your childhood, a little half & half with milk serves as an indulgent base for this drink option. Mix a heaping scoop of cocoa powder, confectioners’ sugar and a dash of salt together. Whisk it carefully into your simmering base. Finally, add a drop of vanilla extract or some cinnamon to lift the flavor. The comforting taste will have you coming back for more.

There’s nothing like a warm drink on a chilly day, but there’s no doubt that you don’t have to reach for coffee every time. If you are looking to break your coffee addiction, look no further than these hot drink replacements.