Sometimes it’s hard to believe how much ‘stuff’ is needed when preparing to welcome a newborn – and perhaps some of us overdo it a bit in the name of, “Oh, that’s so cute!”

But parenting website lists 7 items parents-to-be will want to have on hand before they bring home that bundle of joy:

Odor-free diaper pail – Several types are available today, including one that uses baking soda cartridges to help banish nursery odors.

Rechargeable night light – These gadgets emit enough light to guide you on your way to those midnight feedings without disturbing baby’s sleep. A single charge will last for eight hours.

Crib night light – It isn’t necessary to turn on a light every time you peek in on your baby. A crib light emits soothing light and womb sounds that provide your snoozing newborn with both comfort and security.

Safety gate – No baby-proofing job is complete without a safety gate. Newly designed gates provide top-notch security as well as good looks anywhere in your home.

Bottle warmer – This takes the guesswork out of heating baby’s milk or food to just the right temperature. Best of all, it helps prevent the loss of nutrition that can occur if you use a microwave as a warmer.

Portable changing pad – Great for on-the-go diaper changes anywhere in the house. A non-skid bottom holds it in place while the safety strap and angled sides help keep your baby secure.

Portable diaper caddy – Holds wipes and other supplies as well as a supply of diapers. You can take it with you to use wherever a diaper change may be needed.