30 DIY Home Projects Absolutely Anyone Can Do - Bob Vila

How many times have you embarked on a home improvement project, only to leave it unfinished? You’re not alone! The good news is, there are steps you can take to ensure a never-ending project, ahem, never happens again:

1. Research. Regardless of the type of project you’re planning, research the possibilities before you get started. From comparing prices to evaluating styles and features, knowing all your available options will help ensure you make right choices for your needs.

2. Budget. Determine a budget, and stick to it. Be realistic and remember that a little more investment up front may buy quality that will save money on repairs and replacements down the road. Another good rule of thumb: add at least a 10 percent buffer to help cover unexpected expenses.

3. Assess. Evaluate whether the project is something you can tackle on your own, and whether time or ability may impede your progress. If you need to enlist help, gather estimates and check references for at least three contractors.

4. Know. Set expectations for yourself and your family about how long the project will take. If you’re working with a contractor, get a time projection in writing, as well as a written agreement about what happens if the project runs past deadline.

Source: Briggs & Stratton