Taking after the Netflix model, Surf Air is targeting frequent fliers who are ready to leave the hassles associated with commercial air travel behind. The new airline is offering an all-you-can-fly service that allows members to hold two, four or six reservations at a time. The service is being tested along the San Francisco – Los Angeles route, but if you’re ready to say goodbye to airline travel as you know it, you may want to check out the Surf Air model.Surf Air

The goal of this unique business model is to remove some of the hassle and time commitment often associated with flight planning. Founders Wade and Chris Eyerley also want to introduce comfort and privacy to the air travel experience.

“It works largely the way Netflix does,” says Wade Eyerley. A $790 membership allows you to hold two reservations at a time – as soon as you fly, you can place another reservation. The $990 and $1,490 memberships allow you four and six reservations. All members enjoy the privilege of flying on one of the fleet’s eight private jets.

Putting a cap on 500 memberships to start, people are flooding in to become part of this new, luxurious travel experience. Eventually, Surf Air hopes to expand with more flights and more memberships.

Source: Yahoo! Travel