Hello, Francine:
I hope that you remember us, as we definitely remember you. This is a big
THANK YOU from Corey & Maggie.

We initially met you when we looked at a hamlet project near Hillsboro, VA
in 1998. When it wasn’t what we were interested in, you asked us what we
really wanted. This may seem crazy, but it was the first time a realtor was
sincerely interested in what we “wanted” instead of trying to sell us what
was in their inventory. Thank you.

You started to look for our desired property. Almost right after that meeting,
we learned that my mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. We
put our search on hold. You were incredibly thoughtful and sweet and
continued to stay in touch with us, but you never spoke about real estate.
You only asked about my Mother-in-law and how we were all doing. It
meant a great deal to both of us. After several months, you called me one
day and apologize, but said that you had just seen a property that you
wanted to show us. By then we were doing better with the situation and
said that we would be happy to have you show us the property. We met you
at the land. You drove us onto the land and Maggie and I got out of the car
and began to walk around. After about 5 minutes we met back at your car
to tell you that we were done. It was exactly what we had described to you
in our initial meeting. You then closed the deal for us by telling us that the
lot had just been purchased by our chosen builder..

We wanted to write to you to complete the story. It was then and it still is
the perfect place for us. We still live here 23 years later. We absolutely love
everything about it. We are very lucky to also have great neighbors that are
very good friends. We have been so lucky. All of this happiness is because
you took the time and attention to find what we wanted instead of just trying
to sell us things that were in your inventory at the time. We are very
grateful. We just wanted to let you know how thankful we are.

We hope that you and your family are doing well. (And congratulations on the successful real
estate firm that you have grown. I see you all the time on LinkedIn)

Take care. Best regards: