Farmhouse Double Bowl | Concrete Apron Front Kitchen Sink

Television shows like Buying & Selling and House Hunters have received flak for their unrealistic portrayal of real estate. What they do get right are the wish lists of the homebuyers they feature—many of those must-haves, in fact, fall in line with trends in the marketplace.

One of the most commonly requested amenities today, as any HGTV viewer knows, is an apron sink. True to form, the sink has become one of the more coveted kitchen features.

Think about your sink. According to manufacturer Elkay, the sink has gone from overlooked (“Great, this house has one.”) to a wowing feature. Choosing a sink style that complements your existing kitchen is key to making that statement.

Elkay’s experts recommend beginning by considering the color and material (including sheen and texture) of the sink. Colored quartz? Copper? Fine fireclay? Stainless steel? Each finish has its own benefits in terms of aesthetic and function.

Your kitchen as it is will also play a role in the types of sinks you can choose from, say Elkay’s experts. The model, whether it’s the in-demand apron, seamless undermount or top mount with rim, should fit with your existing cabinetry and countertops. The size of the sink, as well, will be an important factor—sink-base cabinets can be customized, for instance.

Use is another consideration, according to the experts at Elkay. Single bowls can accommodate larger kitchenwares, such as baking sheets, but double bowls allow for efficient washing and rinsing. Keep in mind the needs of your household as you weigh your options.

Don’t forget accessories, Elkay’s experts add—an add-on bottom grid, colander or cutting board can make your sink multipurpose for you, or for the buyers considering your home.

Source: ELKAY