Walk instead of drive. Millennials Prefer Walking

Given the choice, members of the millennial generation would rather walk than drive. A recent study by NAR and Portland State University finds that Americans ages 18–34 are 12 percent more likely to walk as a mode of transportation compared to driving. The 2015 National Community and Transportation Preference Survey finds that this demographic also prefers to live within walking distance of shops and restaurants and have a short commute, and they are the most likely age group to make use of public transportation.dead zone

Millennials may be leading the pack, but 48 percent of Americans overall say they would prefer to live in communities containing houses with small yards but within easy walking distance of local amenities, instead of living in communities with houses that have large yards, but require lots of driving. And while 60 percent of adults surveyed currently live in detached, single-family homes, 25 percent of those respondents said they would rather live in an attached home and have greater walkability.

85% of survey participants said that sidewalks are a positive factor when purchasing a home.

The report finds that sidewalks matter: 85 percent of survey participants said that sidewalks are a positive factor when purchasing a home, and 79 percent place importance on being within easy walking distance of amenities and transportation. Women in particular value walkability in their communities, with 61 percent indicating that having sidewalks with stores and restaurants to walk to is very important.

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