Avoid CO Danger: Have This Inspected Yearly

When it comes to home safety, carbon monoxide detectors are critical to ensuring you and your family are protected. Carbon monoxide, or CO, cannot be seen, smelled or tasted, so a detector is essential—but did you know there are other CO-preventative steps to take, as well?

If you have a furnace, having it inspected is one of them, according to Dominion Energy, a major power provider in the U.S. Conducted by a qualified professional, an annual inspection involves:

– Checking for code compliance;
– Checking the exchange, filters, pilot light and vents;
– Cleaning the burners and flame sensor, including clearing debris and dusting;
– Lubricating the bearings and motor; and
– Testing the thermostat.

To build your CO defense at home, have your furnace inspected yearly, Dominion Energy recommends—it could be a life-saving step.

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