Coffee: Tips from your Charlotte Realtor at Dupont Real Estate

Coffee consumption is on the rise, reported by the National Coffee Association. Sixty-two percent of the survey respondents reportedly drink more than one cup of coffee on a daily basis.

Coffee-Tips from your Charlotte RealtorWhether your taste buds prefer light or dark, there’s a new study out that may have you switching up your roasts. Coffee connoisseurs know that drinking coffee provides some health benefits by packing both anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. Although you can reap the benefits no matter which roast you drink, it turns out that the lighter roast is better for you.

When roasting coffee, the depth of color comes from the amount of oxidation in the beans. Studies show that the more oxidation contained, the more antioxidant molecules are depleted, passing less positive benefits onto your body. If you are looking for a caffeine boost, more caffeine is also in the lighter roasts.

If you want to get more benefit from your coffee, try turning in the darker roasts for the lighter ones, or at least one slightly lighter in color.

Coffee tips from your Charlotte Realtor- Dupont Real Estate.