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Look up! Does that roof of yours need replacing? Eco-friendly options are out there, including the now popular metal roof.
What makes metal green? According to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), 100 percent—that’s right, all—metal roofs are comprised of at least 25 percent recycled aluminum or steel, and can be recycled again. Metal roofs also outlast their competitors, with warranties that can stretch more than 50 years. That’s longer than a lot of us plan to stay in our homes!
Installing a metal roof is less harmful to the environment overall, too. Many can simply be laid right over an existing roof, cutting waste. (To compare: Eleven million tons of asphalt, which is a common roofing material, clog up landfills every year.)
Metal roofs, in addition, are a solid foundation for other green features, such as a rainwater recycling system or solar panels. Plus, they have the ability to save you some green—up to 25 percent—on utilities, thanks to their reflective quality.

Per the MRA, 11 percent of homeowners added a metal roof to their home last year—a percentage that’s only growing. Will you be next?
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Source: Metal Roofing Alliance